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Android App release 3 features

Additional features for Android App Cuckoo Radio has new features Alarm clock. Sleep Timer Now Cuckoo Radio supports and plays on Smart TV, tablet Added TamilKuyil Radio Added Ilaiyaraja Radio Tamil Radio, Live tamil Radio, online radio, and internet tamil radio Download Cuckoo Radio Android App Download Cuckoo Radio iOS App [...]

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Company Name Changed to iCowboysRadio.com

For marketing purpose, Company name renamed as iCowboysRadio.com Also Kokila and Koyal sites traffics  are come through  in iCowboysRadio.com. The code change and deployment are done successfully. Also registered parent company as iCowboys Media LLC.

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Tamilkuyil FM Launch

TamilKuyil Radio is live on Nov 21st 2010 Sunday morning at 8:30AM (India)-USA Time Nov 20th 2010 Saturday at 9:10PM. There are people come and congratulations; MK Paramasamy P Kasammal SivaMurugan Paramasamy RajaGuru Paramasamy Jeevanantham Paramasamy Vasudevan Govindarajan Jayaprakash Palani Saravanan Paramasamy TamilKuyil Radio inaugurations was very successful.... website - www.tamilkuyilradio.com Download Cuckoo Radio [...]

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