Welcome to TamilKuyil FM

The TamilKuyil FM is a free 24/7 internet/online radio that is dedicated to provide high quality audio experience in an innovative 5.1 digital surrounding system.

The Best of Live Radio

Listen to your favorite songs in various categories (popular music, dance ,pop, country, folk music, rock, talk, classical…) and comedy shows from our 24/7 LIVE Online radio station. Please check our detailed schedule and listen to our live player by the click of a button.

Our Platform

TamilKuyil FM delivers over 10,000+ quality songs through various state of the art technical platforms. The innovative 5.1 digital surrounding system runs in our high speed 24/7 dedicated servers. Our live radio reaches our listeners through desktop, smart phones, iPhone, iPad and various Android devices. Our exclusive Discovery Tuner enables our listeners to take control over the varieties of music they want to listen. Get our iphone & online apps here.

All-Music Complied ,Quality Checked, Best Hit Songs

Our orchard of songs collection includes more than 10,000+ songs and 1000+ comedy shows from 100+ playback singers and artists.Our dedicated team of professionals manually screen every song for quality and pour over 100+ meta data for proper categorization to make your audio experience as best as possible

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ALWAYS FREE: Take Your TamilKuyil FM Station & Music Wherever You Go

As we deliver the music on every platform, take us with you wherever you go. Login to CuckooRadio.com and take the advantage of customizing our songs collections based on your interest. Connect with us on Facebook or email to get our exclusive updates and share your feedback.

We hope you enjoy the experience!